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Add some serious curb appeal!

177.5%. That’s how much the average homeowner got back in added value to their home after replacing their garage door according to a 2024 study by Remodeling Magazine.

Our team of experts can help you transform your door into something amazing.


Here are some examples of the difference a new garage door can make…

Recessed Short Panel Carriage House Door with Arched Windows

Ribbed Long Panel Carriage House Door with 4 pane windows

Recessed Long Panel Carriage house Door with Full Sunray Windows

9 x 7 Highland 100 with windows and Blue Ridge Handles and Hinges

16 x 7 Highland 300 Recessed Panel with Thames window inserts. Wicker Tan

Highland 300 with Recessed panels and windows, Golden Oak Wood Grain, Thames inserts

16 x 7 Liberty 300 with windows.  Full Sunray inserts

16×7/9×7 almond Haas 764, 8 pane inserts and blue ridge handles.

16 x 7 Highland 300 with Blue Ridge Handles and Hinges

Haas RA 360 full view with dark bronze anodized frame

Haas Recessed Short Panel in Charcoal with clear windows

Cambridge Camden in Walnut with Madeira windows


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