How to Prep Your Garage Door For a Hurricane

Is Your Garage Door Ready for Hurricane Season?

Hurricanes and strong winds are simply a part of life in certain regions of the country. Coastal areas in the Southeast are particularly vulnerable.

As beautiful as the area is, hurricanes often make their way through during the summer months, leaving a trail of damage and costly repairs for homeowners. According to the Insurance Information Institute, hundreds of thousands of homes can be affected in South Carolina annually.


Why Your Garage Door Needs Extra Attention

Garage doors are more vulnerable to high winds than other parts of your home because they’re typically made from lightweight materials. They also take up a large portion of its exterior, making them a particularly easy target for strong gusts (even the 74-95 mph winds from Category 1 storms).

If your garage door gets broken and removed during a hurricane, enough wind pressure can enter the house to lift the roof off and damage the whole structure. Preventative maintenance is the key to getting your home through the storm safely!

Keep Your Garage Door Safe With These Tips

Regularly maintain your door

We recommend annual Tune-Ups to make sure all your garage door components stay in working order. If it’s been a while since we last visited, now’s the time to give us a call!

Add hurricane braces if possible

Most hurricane braces are heavy-duty aluminum or steel supports that reinforce your door and protect it from high winds. Please note that these are trickier to install and you might need the help of a pro.

Seal any cracks and openings

Prevent leaks by making sure the weather stripping along the windows and perimeter of your door is still in good condition. If it’s looking a little worse for the wear, we suggest getting it replaced before the storms arrive.

Properly drain the gutters

Clogged gutters are a major cause of excess water in your garage. If your gutters have extra debris inside, water could overflow and run into the interior of your garage door. Even a small amount of standing water can cause damage if left unchecked.

Remove loose debris in the yard

During a storm, strong winds could pick up items around your house and slam them into your garage door. It’s best to pick up any lawn care tools, trash cans, or outdoor items and store them inside the garage until the storm passes.

Use flood barriers to block water

If you live close to a body of water or an area prone to flooding, place a flood barrier in front of your garage door to help prevent any drainage from getting inside.

Not sure if your door can handle a hurricane? We offer a free hurricane garage door inspection program that lets you know if your garage door is ready for hurricane season, and if not, what additional steps you can take to get prepared.

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